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    Shrimp and Olive Oil Pasta by PipsqueakPion33r

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    Possibly the best GoT cast photo I’ve found yet.

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  3. "but Joffrey in the books is still a 13-year-old kid. And there’s kind of a moment there where he knows that he’s dying and he can’t get a breath and he’s kind of looking at Tyrion and at his mother and at the other people in the hall with just terror and appeal in his eyes—you know, “Help me mommy, I’m dying.” And in that moment, I think even Tyrion sees a 13-year-old boy dying before him. So I didn’t want it to be entirely, “Hey-ho, the witch is dead.” I wanted the impact of the death to still strike home on to perhaps more complex feelings on the part of the audience, not necessarily just cheering."
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    Crater lake at sunset.

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  7.  Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

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  8. get to know me meme: [2/5] female characters » arya stark

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    Game of Thrones season 4 spoilers

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    1. Steve Rogers is not just some dumb soldier who follows orders, he thinks outside the box and asks questions and considers consequences.

    2. Peggy Carter had plans to eat that boy alive before he became a delicious roast beefcake in Howard Stark’s hottie machine. 

    3. I don’t understand people who didn’t enjoy this movie. 

    Don’t forget that he doesn’t blindly believe America to be the best or always right - he fights against corruption, hatred, and oppression instead of blindly following government orders.

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